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Peer Academic Leaders

"The Peer Academic Leaders Program (PALs) is a department-sponsored peer-mentoring and peer-advising program open to students in good academic standing, who are interested in assisting current and prospective students on successfully navigating the university degree requirements and on planning for life after graduation. PALs serve as student ambassadors of the department at on- and off-campus events. Students have rich opportunities to develop mentoring and leadership skills through this department-service activity."

Peer Academic Leaders: About

Fall 2021

 Byron Muralles, Nelson Mejia-Gonzalez, Linnssy Munoz, Nancy Hernandez,

Dr. Meyer, Salomon Torres, Valerie Arriaga, Arianna Alvarez,

Andrea Gonzalez, Andrew Chang, Celia Quevedo, Salma Angulo,

Camila Panozo, & Mayra Benitez

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Peer Academic Leaders: Portfolio
Peer Academic Leaders: Testimonials

Nelson Mejia-Gonzalez

Hi everyone, my name is Nelson, and I am your Advisement Lead PAL as well as the CADV student assistant this semester! This is my second semester as a PAL, and I could not be more excited to be here. I am a senior majoring in Child and Adolescent Development major with the option in Early Childhood Development and I am set to graduate in Spring 2022. I plan on attending graduate school to pursue my master’s in social work and then becoming a medical social worker. I’m not entirely sure where I want to pursue my masters, but I am looking into USC, CSUN, and CSULB. Ever since I started becoming involved on campus, I have definitely seen a shift in my personality, at first I was a very shy individual who never talked to my peers but now I push myself more to interact and develop relationships with my classmates and the CADV faculty. I have had the chance to join CADA in my junior year and now I serve as the Historian, I also had the privilege to serve as a peer mentor for Dr. Meyer’s CADV 310 class back in Spring 2021. Overall, I hope to continue growing and getting the chance to interact more with our new PALs!

Spring 2021

Natalie DeLeon, Adrianna Nevarez, Katherine Pina, Dr. Meyer, &Nelson Mejia-Gonzalez 

Yesenia Martinez, Cristal Ortega, Salomon Torres, Kateleen Aquino & Cocoa McMillian 

Vanessa Alvarez, Leslie Hernandez, Yvette Salgado, Jane Joval, & Karen Pacheco

Jennifer Baltazar, Samantha Wigglesworth, Camila Panozo, Kaylee Koll, Jake Rukas &

Damaris Serna

Peer Academic Leaders: Portfolio
Peer Academic Leaders: Testimonials

Katherine Pina

Hello everyone my name is Katherine Pina. This is my fourth and final year at CSUN. I am a CADV Applied Developmental Science major and Psychology minor. Along with being part of PALs, I also serve as the President of the Child and Adolescent Development Association (CADA) - I have been a part of the organization for about two years now, I joined my Sophomore year after switching majors to Child Development. After undergrad I hope to earn master's degree in either School Counseling or College Counseling to continue a career as a school or college counselor - I am still trying to figure out which group I'd prefer to work with. I am very excited to be working with you all throughout the semester, along with getting to know you all. Feel free to reach out whenever, whether it is PAL related or not.


"Work hard, be kind, and amazing things will happen."

Conan O’Brien

Peer Academic Leaders: Quote

Fall 2020

Dr. Meyer, Leslie Hernandez, Jessica Plumlee, and Dr. Taylor

Catherine Martinez, Elizabeth Pitpitan, Adrianna Nevarez, and Natalie Tkachev

Yesenia Martinez, Katherine Pina, and Hector Cortes

Peer Academic Leaders: Welcome
Peer Academic Leaders: Testimonials

Leslie Hernandez

My name is Leslie Hernandez, and I am a Senior at CSUN. I am a transfer student from LA Mission College and received my Associate's degree in Child Development. I am also the Vice President for CADA (Child & Adolescent Development Association). I hope to earn a master's degree in Early Childhood Education to become a professor at a community college. I would also like to receive my teaching credentials to become an elementary teacher and create my own business within the teaching field. Some interesting facts about me are that I share the same birthday with my 5-year-old sister (we are 21 years apart), and I enjoy working on puzzles (I have done seven puzzles this summer).

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